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Looking Glass Apartments
Looking Glass Apartments

Lookingglass Apartments 863 Lookingglass Road, Roseburg, OR 97470

(541) 673-3401 lgapts@LagunaAssetManagement.com Fax #: (541) 677-0743

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Lookingglass Apartments is a well run community. Our managers are dedicated, professional, and friendly. They are on site in the office every week day to answer all of your questions and do their best to ensure you are happy in your new home. 

Lookingglass Apartments is made up of 118 one or two bedroom homes.

If you are interested in receiving an application package, please use the form on the right and we will email it to you. 

Please see the  About Us page  for more information on our property managers.

Lookingglass Apartments 863 Lookingglass Road Roseburg, OR 97470 (541) 673-3401   Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

9 AM - 5 PM 9 AM - 5 PM 9 AM - 5 PM 9 AM - 5 PM Friday Saturday Sunday 9 AM - 5 PM By appointment only By appointment only

Lookingglass Apartments is managed by Laguna Asset Management, Inc. All Rights Reserved. P.O. Box 2308, Laguna Hills, CA 92654-2308 (949) 481-0909

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